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Dahlia & Lee

Nature Journaling Field Kit

Nature Journaling Field Kit

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"Nature Journaling will enrich your experiences and develop observation, curiosity, gratitude, reverence, memory, and the skills of a naturalist." - John Muir Laws

We're jumping head first into our nature time goals this year and taking along the tools we need for exploration!

Inside this handy field kit you'll find: a journal for note taking; colored pencils to record all your observations; a magnifying glass for checking on those small details; a measuring tape to make sure you've got the size right; and mini water color paints for adding some whimsy on the go.

We're also including an instruction card with two activity suggestions to get you started with nature journaling. Remember, the goal isn't to create a masterpiece. The goal is time out in nature and improving our observation skills. When art skills fail, use words! Diagram everything!
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